Companion Animal One of the greatest rewards for our team is working with patients over an extended period of time and seeing real improvements to their health and wellbeing.

eddieThis was the case recently with one of our dogs called Eddie. We had come to know Eddie well as he had ongoing problems with his skin which made him very itchy and smelly. This was causing both him and his owner real distress.

We entered him into a case study diet trial which measured his response to a change of diet. He was fed Royal Canin Skin Support food for a two month period which generated some great results. His skin was noticeably less inflamed, less itchy and not so thickened or scabby. Of all the cases entered into the trial from veterinarians across the country, Eddie was selected as having the most improvement during his time on the diet.

The reward for Eddie was three fold – his skin improved, he needed less medication to control his skin condition and he gets to enjoy a year’s supply of free Royal Canin food for coming up trumps in the trial.

The case study proved the benefits of feeding a food high in Omega 3 and 5 fatty acids as well as Aloe Vera and Turmeric. This combination works to improve the overall health and barrier function of the dog’s skin, meaning it can be more resilient to secondary infections and irritations.

While Eddie is an example of a dog whose condition can be managed, we know skin conditions can be very frustrating for both owners and pets. There are many underlying causes for animals with chronic skin conditions and management of these problems often involves many different components to help treat the condition and keep the animal comfortable.

Regular flea control, a high quality diet and regular medicated washes are a few of the crucial management tools you might need to manage your animal’s problem skin.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s skin, please give us a call at any one of our three clinics to make an appointment. We can examine your pet to see what might be causing their inflammation or itchiness and arrange a treatment plan to help.