Cooper came to us before Christmas in not very good shape, however we are pleased to report that after a big surgery and a bit of help from a fellow canine he is back to his normal self.

It was discovered Cooper had a very large mass inside his abdomen which was making life miserable for the 8-year-old Labrador cross.

Cooper recovering, with Ally looking on with support in the background.

When Dr Tony Austwick from our Tauranga clinic saw Cooper for the first time he was pale, depressed and not eating. It was found Cooper was already anemic due to the mass taking much of his blood.

“The x-ray showed a 22.5cm diameter mass, the biggest I have seen in terms of mass size to body weight,” says Tony. In fact, the mass was 20% of his body weight.

Tony knew the mass needed to be removed, so it was decided a laparotomy would be performed to remove both the mass and spleen.

“Although this type of surgery isn’t particularly a difficult one; the fact that the mass was so large made it more complicated than others,” he says.

However due to Cooper already being anemic and taking into account the blood loss during surgery – it was elected Cooper also needed a blood transfusion.

That’s where Tony’s dog Ally came to the rescue – a big Leonberger more than happy to be a first time blood donor for Cooper.

The procedure and surgery went to plan and we are pleased to report Cooper is doing extremely well. Stitches have now been removed; he is acting like his normal self and eating well again.

In even better news, results have came back showing the removed mass was a benign Splenic Hematoma and not cancerous.

During surgery.