The teams at Tauranga, Katikati, Te Puna and Papamoa Village Vets have come together with other veterinary professionals, businesses and everyday kiwis, filling boxes with desperately needed medical supplies to help the wounded wildlife in Australia.

In light of the fires, in which an estimated over half a billion animals have been killed, lead nurse at our Te Puna clinic Sarah Prior decided that as well as the business collecting donations through collection boxes, even more could be done to help.

Sarah knew about a country wide collection drive for supplies that was being held, set up by another veterinary professional who is also a volunteer firefighter and a D.O.C worker.

Vet Nurse Sarah Prior and one of the boxes of donated supplies.

“It was just a natural reaction for me to want to get involved and I knew the rest of my colleagues would have mutual feelings. We have access to all the resources that are needed so it’s a no brainer,” she says.

Boxes have been filled with vet wrap and bandages, fluid bags, wound gels/spray, feeding bottles and teats, gloves, and syringes just to name a few.

The boxes from our clinics as well as from other clinics and other businesses across New Zealand are being dropped off at venues across the country, collated and being sent to Australia within the week.

Help us help the wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires

WIRES, the Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation, is the charity we have chosen to support in light of the bushfires.

Tauranga, Katikati, Te Puna and Papamoa Village Vets will match all public cash donations received into our collection boxes and will send funds directly to WIRES. You will find collection boxes in our four clinics.

If you prefer to donate online, please click on the link below, it will take you directly to the WIRES website.