It’s not every day you go for a swim and end up with a fishing hook lodged into your leg!

Thankfully the unfortunate hook ordeal had a happy ending for Whiskee, a German Short Haired Pointer Heading dog, who our Te Puna clinic team saw last week.

Whiskee had been playing in shallow water at Pahoia, in the Western Bay of Plenty, when she became entangled in some fishing line which had been floating the water.

A barbed hook lodged itself into her leg, making its way through her skin, but not all the way through.

Whiskee’s owner brought her straight to the clinic where she was seen by Vet Dr Jean Lester right then and there.

“There was no time to make an appointment,” says Jean. “But she needed to be seen.”

Whiskee was in pain and didn’t want Jean to touch her.

“She wasn’t overly distressed, but didn’t want to be touched, so we needed to sedate her,” says Jean.

Jean sedated her and proceeded to make an incision in her skin, so to be able to pull the barbed hook out. Thankfully the hook had missed all ligaments, tendons and veins.

After exposing the barb Jean used bolt cutters to cut the hook in half and remove it in two parts. This process can be quite tricky as the barb in the hook prevents it from being pulled backwards. The procedure went to plan and Whiskee woke up stable and happy.

Injuries like this are fairly common, says Jean. “Cats and dogs alike can often get tangled in fishing line and hooks left in boats or in garages,” she says.

We are happy to report Whiskee is now well on the road to a full recovery and was given medication to ease any pain.

“She bounced back out of the clinic,” says Jean.