15 10, 2017

Spring Parasites & management – be Wormwise!

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Spring is the New Year for worms.  As the weather warms and spring rain continues, parasites at the larvae stage that have been slumbering in your pasture come to life and resume their life cycle. They multiply furiously through spring and summer. If not managed successfully, they can reach very high, potentially fatal numbers for your livestock later in the autumn.
Management Plans
The challenge is to minimise the impact that worms have on production, while

28 08, 2017

Generalised Annual Disease Prevention Plan for Deer

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Deer are amazing creatures that can serve as both a commercial farming venture, as well as an accompaniment to a lifestyle farmer. Owning deer can pose a large management issue, namely appropriate fencing and proper yards for examining, treating and velvetting. Like all animals, deer can succumb to a range of animal health issues. Outlined below is a brief description of common health issues and preventative measures throughout the year.
Weaners should be vaccinated against

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