18 09, 2019

Top Tips: Keeping on top of Ticks

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Ticks are an external parasite that attach to the skin and feed on the blood of our animals. They are quite slow moving and cannot jump; they rely on crawling onto their host. When a tick feeds, they attach and do not release themselves from the host (animal) until they are full.

9 09, 2019

From rare complication to remarkable recovery

By |September 9th, 2019|Horses|1 Comment

This is the remarkable story of Jaxon’s recovery from a rare castration complication, as told by Vet Dr Marcus Allan.

5 09, 2019

Watch out for Worms – Out of sight, out of mind?

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It’s easy not to think too much about the worms our furry friends might be carrying around. They’re usually out of sight, living in your pet’s intestines as adults or travelling around their insides as migrating larvae.

25 08, 2019

Top Tips: Your cat and moving house

By |August 25th, 2019|Cats|0 Comments

Cats generally are not great supporters of change. If they had it their way they would prefer to stay where they are already settled in their surroundings. However, at some stage in their lives, most cats have to make that move to a new location.

8 08, 2019

Top Tips: Keeping fleas at bay in winter

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Winter is now firmly in place and although the flea population is less, it is still present.

1 08, 2019

Keeping our pets safe in the home

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There’s been some media attention lately around salt lamps and the harm they can do to your pet. Cats and dogs are known to like salty things and sodium poisoning can cause plenty of unwanted outcomes. The salt lamp stories got some of the team here at Tauranga Vets talking and yes, salt lamps do pose a risk to our pets, however we could all think of much more common household hazards that could land your pet at the vets!

30 07, 2019

From city to farm…and loving it

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Being part of the team at Tauranga Vets has been instrumental in the success and growth of her family farm in Ohauiti, says employee Janelle Nee.

19 07, 2019

Preparation, patience and perseverance key to good outcome

By |July 19th, 2019|Horses|0 Comments

A combination of being prepared, as well as perseverance and patience have resulted in a great outcome for a horse which sustained a severe and extensive injury.

11 07, 2019

Longer, healthier and happier lives for Kiwi Pets

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Future generations of Kiwi pets will hopefully live longer, healthier and happier lives thanks to the work of a charity supported by Tauranga Vets. Tauranga Vets has supported Healthy Pets New Zealand for over a year now, in a partnership where the business and its generous clients donate money for research into improved health and welfare. The charity is run by veterinary professionals who give their time and care deeply about the health and well-being of Kiwi pets.

21 05, 2019

Katikati building update – May 2019

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We are excited to keep you informed about the changes about to start at our Katikati clinic. We have finally been given sign off to start renovations to our current clinic. The building will be expanding to better cater to the needs of our community and its animals.

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